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Our surroundings speak volumes.  Inspired by history, modernity and pure form, Sandra Vila Design House merges classic details with natural elements and intentional asymmetry for a balanced and a timeless aesthetic.

"No two homes are alikeYour surroundings should resonate with you and represent your highest self."

Sandra Vila

Founder & Principal Designer

Sandra Vila is a Southern California based designer creating modern classic environments that stand the test of time. A comprehensive background in design, marketing, luxury real estate, and fashion, along with a passion for travel, a love for art and a respect for historic architecture are the foundations of Sandra Vila’s design philosophy.


She has a deep appreciation for the intricacies of design and takes a holistic approach to her work. Inspired by thought provoking materials, natural finishes and timeless pieces, her hands-on approach and devotion to detail demonstrate her artistic ingenuity.

Sandra Vila combines intelligent design with time-honored principals that are both modern and classic. She does not shy away from bold, thought-provoking ideas that push boundaries, while maintaining a sense of purpose with every element.

Sandra Vila's ability to transform milieus of any style of genre that are unique for each client is her signature. With an intuitive mélange of color, form and materiality, she creates experiences that are multifaceted, yet refined and balanced.


Sandra holds a Bachelors in Interior Design from the Interior Designers Institute and a Bachelors in Business & Marketing from the University of Arizona. She is a member of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, the American Society of Interior Designers and the International Interior Design Association.

When she's not on construction sites or in the design studio, you can find Sandra spending time with her husband and two children, walking the nearby trails, dancing with her sister, and traveling.

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